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Browser Information

Browser Information

by Rita Rogers -
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Use Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla with Moodle for best results. 

Avoid using Internet Explorer. Students are experiencing some issues with uploading assignments using Internet Explorer.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure testing browser, which may be required by some of your instructors. Our IT dept. is in the process of loading the browser on our campus computers.

To load it on your own computer,

  • Please access the test as usual and then click on the link to download the browser to your computer's desktop


Once downloaded, you will then click on the icon on your desktop to access Moodle and then your test. Once you've accessed the test, you will not be able to exit the browser until you have submitted the test. 

Click on this title "RLDB Student Quick Start Guide (Moodle Edition)" to download a student guide.

Trouble Loading Respondus LockDown Browser?

Please contact Respondus Technical Support at